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Darius Bradford,  Short sale Negotiator - Realty Essentials

It was great working with Leah and Lori on my short sale closing. These ladies were very professional and courteous. I've been looking for a title company to handle my short sales over the last six months and now my search is over Bayview is the Title company  is the one for me!!!! I will be sending all me deals to Bayview!!!  They are the best.  

I’ve had several exceptional great experience with our closer Lori Rickett at Bayview Title. Lori is very knowledgeable and courteous, she had the answer for all of my questions. With each settlement, all of the paper work was in order and went along smoothly. I was very pleased at how well each of my settlements have been a pleasant experience without any problems. I highly recommend Bayview Title.

 Bridget Johnson, Client

Kenneth Manor, Agent
Century 21

 I have been working with Leah for over 10 years now!  Her customer service is outstanding. She gives me what I need as soon as I request it.  She is very professional and passionate about her work.  Since Leah has been with Bayview I have also had the opportunity to work  with Lori and she is awesome as well.  The two of them together are a phenomenal team and they
both insure that you have the best experience with every settlement.


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